PeTrack - Pocket Dog Harness

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The PeTrack is a durable, lightweight, Pocket integrated 4-point Dog Harness

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  •   The PeTrack is a durable, all weather mesh, lightweight, Pocket integrated 4-Point Dog Harness for dogs of all sizes.

      • All Weather Mesh: Made of soft breathable lightweight yet durable for all year around use.

      • Pocket Compartment: Store your doggie bags, keys, leash in this handy 5x4" inch Pocket.

      • Reflective Bands: For dawn or dusk evening trail hikes its now easy to spot your pup at a distants. Enhance your dogs safety with easy visiblity. 

      • Double Stitched: Whether you're in training or large Great Dane, we've got you covered on durability. This hardness offers double stitching throughout every seam, and commercial strength velcro straps, no matter the size dog harness you select.

      • Easy Strap and Go!: In rush!? We all are, we made it simple to attach to your pup with two simple velcro straps and done. Easy on Easy off.

      • No Choke Design: We spent months in design to help prevent your dog from choking when on leash. It will put pressure on his/her chest rather than the neck like typical collars.


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