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The PeTrack is a durable, lightweight, state-of-the-art GPS tracking device designed to live on your pet’s collar, helping you keep a digital eye on your furry best friend at all times.



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  •   Using the latest GPS and GSM technology, the PeTrack sends highly accurate, up-to-the-moment location readings right to your smartphone. Start by slipping it onto your pet’s collar, follow up by downloading the free app for Apple or Android smartphones, and finish off by checking your pet’s location whenever you like. The PeTrack has a long-lasting rechargeable battery, and aside from an occasional power boost, requires no maintenance once clipped onto your beloved animal. This is the ultimate GPS Pet Tracker solution for busy pet owners who want to relieve the constant anxiety that comes with having a restless animal. You can receive an alert the instant they exceed a set boundary or check in on them whenever you want. And God forbid your pet breaks free from your grasp, you’ll be able to actively track them down.

    • uBlox GPS Readings: Accessing 50 satellite channels on a powerful worldwide network, the PeTrack’s uBlox GPS technology is able to give highly accurate readings. It will bring you to within ten feet of your pet at all times.

    • GSM Technology: GSM technology supplements the GPS readings, helping you narrow down the location of your pet even if GPS connectivity is disabled or unavailable.

    • Free Smartphone App: Designed for busy professionals, the PeTrack operates through a free smartphone app that can be downloaded on both Android and Apple devices. Find it in your app store or here on ElectroFlip. On the app, you can instantly request your pet’s location, discover historical data of your pet’s whereabouts, and receive alerts if your pet takes an unexpected trip.

    • Motion Detector Extends Battery Life: A sophisticated gyro built into the PeTrack knows when your pet is on the move. This feature allows for active tracking of a pet on the run, and allows the PeTrack to conserve battery life. Once your pet is inactive for more than 3 minutes, the PeTrack goes into standby mode, ready to resume as soon as your animal springs into action.

    • Keeps Records: The PeTrack stores data of your pet’s adventures, helping you determine where they’ve gone in the past so you can better anticipate their moves in the future.

    • Durable and Waterproof: The PeTrack is made with premium synthetic materials which completely encase the advanced technology inside. It’s designed to be on your pet at all times, which means it can handle splashes, tussles, bumps, and whatever other trials your pet might put it through.

    • Easy for Pets to Wear: In addition to being tough enough to go the distance, the PeTrack has comfort in mind. Its small, lightweight body and contoured design slip over your pet’s collar securely and comfortably.

    • Geofencing Capability: For the ultimate peace of mind, set an invisible perimeter for your pet. Whether you’re trying to keep your dog in the house or your cat on the property, you can set a GPS boundary and receive an alert any time your borders are breached.

    • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery: The PeTrack’s long-lasting battery goes for a full week with GPS tracking enabled, and an astounding 30 days in standby mode. Through the smartphone app, you’ll receive notifications when the power is getting low, making sure your PeTrack has power when you need it most.

    1. Pet Collar  Review by Vanessa


      This was just what i needed to watch over my little puppy. He kept wandering off and not knowing where he went at times was a big issue.... (Posted on 4/28/2016)

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