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Record what is happening outside and inside your personal or commercial vehicle simultaneously with the compact DuoCam video recorder. It’s two camcorders in one compact unit, enabling you to document road and traffic conditions while monitoring events inside your car, van, bus, or truck.



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  •   Individuals with young families, or owners of commercial vehicles will love the DuoCam video recorder. Discreetly mounted on the windshield, the device features forward- and rear-looking video cameras that record road and traffic conditions, and events inside the vehicle simultaneously. Full swivel capability allows the user to aim the cameras precisely. With a flip-down, two- by two-inch screen, the DuoCam allows the driver to monitor the rearward recording. Without turning around, parents can see what is happening in the back seat, and commercial drivers gain the security that comes with video documentation of events inside their vehicles. Commercial vehicle owners can use the DuoCam to document drivers’ actions. Taxi drivers can use it to record their own game or confessional show. And race-car drivers can use it to record videos for their fans to enjoy later on YouTube. With powerful night-vision capability, the DuoCam is a reliable video recorder 24/7.

    • High-quality Video Times Two: The DuoCam features two 1,280 by 480-pixel video cameras that record at a user-selected 10, 20, or 30 frames per second, provide clear and detailed images. Also features a microphone to record audio, and a five-megapixel still camera that captures JPG images. Documentation complete with a time and date water stamp on the video footage.

    • Wide-Angle Recording: With wide-angle lenses that cover a 120-degree field of view, the DuoCam gives you expansive coverage wherever you aim the cameras. A full, 180-degree swivel allows you to point the cameras where you want, without having to reposition the entire device.

    • Compact Size: At only four inches long by two inches wide by three-quarters of an inch thick, the DuoCam is smaller than most single car cams on the market. It features a sleek design that leaves the windshield completely clear, never obstructing the driver's view for safe driving.

    • Bright, Detailed Screen: The DuoCam features a flip-down, two- by two-inch LCD screen that allows you to monitor what the camera is recording in real time, or play it back later. The screen's 360-degree swivel makes it easy and safe for the driver to monitor the sharp display. Flipping the screen back in is a one-hand operation, so you can eliminate the distraction quickly and safely.

    • Night Vision Capability: Both front and rear cameras feature infrared recording technology for uninterrupted use around the clock. Invisible LED lamps provide the night-time light source for the cameras, never distracting your attention so your focus can stay on the road.

    • Automatic, Dependable Operation: During normal operation, a cigarette plug adaptor cable provides power to the DuoCam, which automatically records whenever it is plugged in. A blinking green light indicates active recording. Override automatic operation with easy-to-see power and recording buttons. Should the cigarette plug become disconnected, battery power takes over, providing two more hours of operation on a full charge. When battery is low on power, a warning on the LCD screen alerts you. No need to worry about saving files, as the DuoCam automatically save the recorded files before completing shut-down operation.

    • MicroSD Card and USB 2.0 Compatible: Save your video files in AVI format on a 2 - 32 GB capacity MicroSD card, and transfer them to a computer via either USB 2.0 connection or a MicroSD Card reader.

    • Endless Applications: Parents love the DuoCam for the safety and security it provides their children, as they monitor activities in the back seat without turning their heads away from the road. Even private vehicle owners driving alone find the DuoCam valuable for documenting circumstances inside and outside the car in the event of accident litigation. If another driver cut you off and you were wearing your seat belt, having the video evidence can go a long way toward winning a court case involving personal injury. Commercial drivers who carry passengers in taxis, vans, or buses will find that the DuoCam enhances their professional security by keeping a record of passenger activity. Liability suits can be resolved or avoided by having video proof of what actually happened inside the vehicle during an injury-causing incident. Owners of commercial vehicles can now retain records of road conditions and events inside the cabin, helping to enforce their drivers' rules and possibly saving on insurance premiums.

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