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PetZone is one of the best invisible containment systems for pets.



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  •   PetZone is one of the best invisible containment systems for pets. Keep your pet safe from traffic, wandering away, and dangerous areas or limited access areas with PetZone. In-ground and cost-efficient, PetZone has a buried wire that sends out a radio signal as the animal approaches. Initially, a warning beep sounds with a light and as the pet gets closer to the fencing, PetZone increases in intensity, sending a mild shock. Naturally, your pet will pull away from the boundary and stay within the specified limit. You can easily activate and deactivate areas and restructure the containment space. PetZone also works with multiple pets. Simply add an associated collar for each new pet.

    • Invisible Pet Boundary: PetZone is an invisible fencing system that keeps your pet within safe boundaries reliably and as humanly as possible.

    • Flexible Structure: You can conveniently alter PetZone’s containment area based upon your environment.

    • Pulsed Proportional Stimulus: PetZone releases a pulsed stimulus that increases in intensity as the pet approaches a dangerous or forbidden area.

    • Progressive Tone Stimulus: PetZone issues gradual warning signals from an initial warning tone to a shock stimulus as the pet moves closer to the boundary.

    • Train Multiple Pets: PetZone allows you to train multiple pets at one time. Just add multiple collars. There is no limit to the number of collars you can control.

    • Extensive Range: PetZone extends up to 5000 square meters in range or more than an acre.

    • Built-in Protection Lightning: PetZone has built-in protection to prevent transmitters from being affected by power surges caused by lightning strikes that are near the in ground wire.

    • Speed Detect Anti-Run Through: PetZone issues a higher level of intensity the faster your pet moves when near in ground wire fence.

    • Adjustable Wireless Nylon Collar: PetZone’s nylon collar for your pet is adjustable from 12 to 22 inches or 30 to 55 cm. The collar comes equipped with an LED battery indicator to show proper functioning of the battery.

    • Alarm Indicators: PetZone has both audible and visual indicators if your buried wire breaks such as a sonic alarm and a flashing light.

    • Precision Control: PetZone allows you to precisely control the width of the signal field.

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    1. difficult to setup and use Review by Thomas Andreasen


      Its difficult to setup and use. It took me a long time before I could finally use this. First, it wasn't able to trasmit signal between the buried wire and collar. Second, it finally transmit signal b... (Posted on 6/2/2015)

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