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ElectroFlip's affordable, reliable H2O Wireless SIM cards give your phone access to the nation’s largest cellular network at a fraction of the cost.



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  •   If you are sick of signing two-year commitments just to get access to a reliable network, you are not alone. This problem plagues people across the nation, cornering us into making huge sacrifices only because a lack of better options. ElectroFlip H2O Wireless SIM cards let you access AT&T's vast national cellular network at a fraction of the normal cost and without any undesirable commitments. With these cards, you can get any MiniSIM or MicroSIM-compatible device talking, texting, and browsing the web on your own terms. And with a variety of options starting as low as $3.33/month (Selecting a $10 prepaid option which expires in 90 days), and both pre-paid and pay-as-you-go plans available, you will definitely be able to find the right option to fit your needs. There are very few Authorized Master Dealers of H2O Wireless technology, making ElectroFlip part of an elite group able to offer it to our valued customers.

    • Talk, Text, and Browse the Web: ElectroFlip H2O Wireless SIM cards provide as much voice calling, SMS and MMS messaging, and mobile web browsing as you could need, exactly like a full service mobile plan from any popular national carrier.

    • The Nation's Best Network at an Amazing Discount: AT&T's nationwide coverage map is the most extensive in the country, but you would normally be forced to pay inflated prices or sign a two-year contract to get access to it. By purchasing a pre-paid or pay-as-you-go ElectroFlip H2O Wireless SIM card, you get access to AT&T's famous and proven network at a huge discount, giving you all of the benefits with none of the downsides.

    • Free Phone Number Portability: No matter what device you want to use with your ElectroFlip H2O Wireless SIM Card, you can pull your phone number over at no cost to you.

      Use it with Nearly Any Phone: Just about any GSM MiniSIM or MicroSIM-compatible device can operate on ElectroFlip H2O Wireless SIM cards, making them a great way to get second-hand gadgets online. You can actually save money twice by buying a used, unlocked smartphone instead of a new one, then getting it activated through ElectroFlip's H2O Wireless SIM cards. If you have an AT&T phone, you don't even need to unlock it; just pop in the new SIM card once you've had your number transferred over, and it's ready to use.

      Pick Your Plan: We offer a variety of service options to make sure we meet everyone's needs. Choose from the following options:

      PAY AS YOU GO:
      Pay-As-You-Go for 5 cents/minute, 5 cents/text, and 10 cents/MB. This SIM card will remain valid for up to 1 year and covers many international calls and texts at no additional cost. It can cost as little as $3.33/month (Selecting a $10 prepaid option which expires in 90 days).

      Consider yourself a blogger, surfer, or YouTuber, get yourself an Unlimited Plan offering what else but Unlimited Talking, Unlimited Texting, and Free International Calling and Texting (Int. minute limits apply). Your options for these plans are:

      500 MB Mobile Web - $30.00/30 days
      1000 MB Mobile Web - $40.00/30 days
      2000 MB Mobile Web - $50.00/30 days
      UNLIMITED! MB Mobile Web - $60.00/30 days

    • Tech's Best Kept Secret: ElectroFlip is one of a very limited number of Authorized Master Dealers of H2O Wireless SIM card technology, which is one of very few options cell phone users have outside of signing extensive, expensive contracts. It's affordable, reliable, and worry-free.

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      Fast delivery…easily online activation…affordable pay as you go plan…good reception... (Posted on 7/8/2016)

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