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What To Know Before Purchasing A GPS Unit

GPS (Global Positioning Systems) systems are among the most prominent innovative items on the shelves presently. These can be discovered in various spots like in the stores, in a rental car, etc. To put it plainly, GPS navigational units are all around nowadays. Initially, GPS navigational units were quite expensive….

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GPS Tracking Devices – The Good and the Bad

GPS trackers are a blessing and a curse in disguise. They have helped many people avoid danger while convicting others of crimes they otherwise would have waltzed off. The GPS tracker in your phone could place you in a neighborhood at a specific time. Your car’s GPS can tell where you…

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Going Hiking – Why You Need to Pack a GPS Tracker

Hiking is one of the best sports for anyone who loves staying outdoors and experiencing the thrills of nature to the fullest. You will be out in the open, away from civilization, away from cell service towers and shouting distance. Experts recommend that you pack a GPS tracker to help…

The Top 10 Cities for Car Theft in the USA!

Manufacturers continue to bring in vehicles with the best of technology, safety features and automatic locking systems, but car thieves continue to work on their “Gone in 60 seconds” skills and we have a list of the 10 worst cities for car theft. Yes, these cities are swarming with car…

How to Secure Your Home against Burglars!

FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports paint a very grim picture of burglary. It says that across the US, burglary (officially known as crime against property) happens every 15 seconds. You read it right; a home is burgled every 15 seconds in the United States. Who’s the target? Burglary usually occurs during…

How GPS Works

We sell GPS technology on ElectroFlip and one of the most common questions we hear is not how to configure a particular device, but just the plain simple fact about GPS works. Most people have a pretty rudimentary idea that GPS has something to do with satellite technology, but beyond…

Inventive GPS Tracking Devices

Can you remember a time without cell phones? It was not too long ago that cell phones were a rarity – and car phones were only for the very rich. Now cellphones are as ubiquitous as landlines, if not coming to replace them entirely, as email is replacing snail mile….