GPS Tracking Devices – The Good and the Bad

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GPS trackers are a blessing and a curse in disguise. They have helped many people avoid danger while convicting others of crimes they otherwise would have waltzed off. The GPS tracker in your phone could place you in a neighborhood at a specific time. Your car’s GPS can tell where you were on a specific day.

How does a GPS tracker work?

GPS trackers work by calculating the distance between itself and the multiple GPS satellites in orbit. The GPS will either return its result through the GPS satellite signal or transmit it straight to a recipient over GSM networks. Some GPS devices will simply display the information on a screen and let the user decide what to do with it.

The good…

GPS trackers are a perfect navigation tool. They take away the pain of having to read a compass, calculate the true north and figure out your way by reading a map. A good GPS tracker will superimpose your current position on a relevant map and even tell you your current speed and estimated time of arrival.

GPS trackers have proved themselves quite useful in the cargo delivery and public service vehicle industry. Investors and cargo owners can always tell their valuable’s location, status and the exact arrival time. This will give you the power to plan and inform stakeholders in a more precise manner and have evidence to any unexpected occurrences.

The elaborate navigation service on most GPS-based systems having given us the power to go on a trip without hiring a guide. You don’t have to know New York to navigate your way to Tiffany’s. All you need is a GPS tracker in your car or even your phone. It will advise you on the appropriate route to follow regardless of whether you are driving, walking or using public transport.

The last and most useful advantage of having a GPS tracker lies in the fact that the authorities can always pinpoint the tracker’s location. This will come in handy when you are trying to track your stolen car, lost cargo or loved one through their mobile device.

The bad

GPS trackers could infringe on your privacy. They can reveal private information about your whereabouts. Sometimes, this information could be used against you in court if you were up to no good. This is a small price to pay for all the above benefits and nothing to worry about if you are a law abiding citizen.

Every smartphone or GPS tracker owner must embrace the fact that someone might use the gadget to pinpoint their location. This could be for your good or bad. Accepting this in our life will make us embrace the technology better. It will help us enjoy the numerous benefits whilst finding a way to mitigate the drawbacks.

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