Going Hiking – Why You Need to Pack a GPS Tracker

Go hiking

Hiking is one of the best sports for anyone who loves staying outdoors and experiencing the thrills of nature to the fullest. You will be out in the open, away from civilization, away from cell service towers and shouting distance. Experts recommend that you pack a GPS tracker to help you find your way around or send distress signals whenever things go awry.

This would give you the comfort of walking around with someone who knows the woods, the hills and the creeks. Someone who will keep you from walking around in circles and get you home once you are done hiking.

A basic GPS system will show current position, previous paths and possible routes you could use when exploring. Think of it as an intelligent interactive map that doesn’t need crayons, a ruler and compass to read. All you have to do is download the region’s map and charge your GPS tracker before heading out.

GPS trackers have proliferated our modern day society. They are in our phones, cars and even cameras. While such a gadget can double up as a GPS tracker and save on costs, you have to remember that they are highly unsuited for hiking.

  • You will need a GPS system that is light and portable. Something you can hold on your hand all day without having it get in your way.
  • Ensure that the tracker is versatile. Shock resistance and waterproof capabilities will come in handy. You won’t have to constantly worry of how secure your GPS is, or if it is in a dry spot.
  • Usability and reliability is key. You neither want a complicated GPS that could be misinterpreted leading to wrong turns nor something that will fail when you need it most.

Matching your GPS to your hiking needs will ensure that you don’t pay for more than you deserve. If you are a subtle weekend hiker, a simple GPS that just shows a map will be good enough. If you are an ardent explorer, you should consider purchasing high power trackers that will work in the toughest conditions and even let you send a distress signal should you need help.

A good GPS tracker will always keep you in the loop. You will know where you are at a time and will always have some track-back device if you cannot find a good way home. They are the safest way to avoiding wasting time walking around in cycles out in the woods.


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