Keeping Your Kids Safe With Tech – Timeless Tips


Keeping kids in your home is relatively safe. A watchful eye, a couple of security cameras for home and regular drills could be enough to keep the young ones off mischief and eventual misfortune. Things get different when they step out of the door. There could be a pedophile lurking at the mall, or a bully at the community playground. Getting a bit tech savvy on your kid gives you the power to keep everything under control whenever you cannot accompany him or her in person. Here are a couple of gadgets for a start.

1. A GPS Locator

GPS locators help you pinpoint your kid’s location at any time. With most of the modern day GPS locators accurate to a meter, you can always pinpoint an exact position whenever you want. You could go for a GPS tracker that gives you more control. Get something that will alert you whenever your kid exits a specific geofence, or is within range of a dangerous neighborhood.

2. A smart crib

A good parent ought to check on their sleeping baby at least five times in a night. You have to check if the baby is still warm, breathing and enjoying his or her sweet dreams. Healthy babies will be doing this most of the time meaning that all your trips (though necessary) will be in vain. Get a smart crib with an intelligent sensor under the mattress and a set of cameras that alert you whenever something out of the norm happens. This could be when the baby doesn’t show breathing movement for a few seconds or when he or she is in clear distress.

3. Personal alarm

Personal alarms are a great way to calling for attention and deterring an attacker. A sizeable alarm that doubles as a key holder will either allow your kid to alert passersby or simply scare off the pedophile with the noise. It is better than screaming.

4. Net nanny

Your kids are bound to eventually go online. They will use your phone, or the family computer to browse the web and open social media accounts. Finding an application that controls and monitors what they do online will keep them safe from the dangers of the internet to a budding brain.

Most of the readymade baby monitoring tools could be an expensive overkill. Creativity and intuitiveness  could help you create a system that actually works by joining different odds and ends you buy at ElectroFlip. It is up to you to know what you want to accomplish and find the easiest means to the end.

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