The Best Spy Cameras for Sale

It is an unsafe and unreliable world out there. You can’t trust anyone to give them full and unrestricted access to your home or office premises. You also have to ensure the complete safety of your property against intruders while you are away. You need to monitor people or possible suspects without them being aware of it and the only way you can do it is by opting for constant surveillance and spy cameras. ElectroFlip has the best spy camera you may need to keep an eye on your kids’ babysitter or catch the person who has been going thru the stuff on your office table.

Cheap Spy Cameras for Effective Surveillance

You can place these easy to conceal and hard top spot cameras anywhere in your home, office, garage, and warehouse. You can record meetings, lectures, discussions, interviews and more with your own pinhole spy camera. These little gadgets have a high resolution and are designed to work in low light or no light areas too. This results in crystal clear footage for you to see on any computer.

The Perfect Camera for Any Covert Application

ElectroFlip offers a range of micro video cameras and hidden wireless cameras that can be used in a variety of hidden and covert applications.

  • Intruder Alert
  • Monitoring of Nannies, Home Caregivers
  • Monitoring the outdoors including the Garage
  • Ensure Complete Office Security in Your Absence
  • Run a Covert Operation on a Possible Suspect in any Illicit Activity
Easy to Install and Use

These cameras have advanced features like, night vision, advanced motion activated recording powered by infrared body-heat sensor. They are extremely easy to operate and require no setup or configuration. Viewing the footage requires a mere USB cable and you can watch it on your computer. The battery back-up is amazing and can record for hours at a stretch!