ElecroFlip Customer Reviews
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I don't usually purchase online. Your online support April made the experience better being able to answer any questions I had. such as can you ship to New Zealand. A very useful service. Thank you.- David O, CA
I like the live interaction, it gave me all the info that I didn't find on your website, like how the messaging and sim card are billed, without this info I could not have made a buying decision.- Hesso B, NY
The well designed documentation and video about this product and usage guide book help me to choose my right product with confidence. With your free on line web platform for this product help me save money for long term use. So this should be a bargain for everyone.- Julio M, FL
Processing orders through your site is really fast and easy. Delivery is always on-time, I had ordered two different cameras from your site on different dates and I received them promptly. Hope you keep the quality of service that you provide.- Rose T, PR
I bought a camera from your company and had to send a request to return the camera for an exchange since I found a different camera that suits my purpose best. You were kind enough to authorize the return and processed an exchange for me without too much question. Have received the new camera and it is working great and is really what I need. I really appreciate what you have done. Thanks.- Yoram T, NY
Its my first time to buy with your company and I am very satisfied with your delivery. I ordered a helmet camera from you and remarkably I received it fast. The camera also took really good video much to my satisfaction.- Ilone F, CA
The home energy saver monitor is I think one of your great product. It provides accurate reading for electricity usage which enables me to manage my bill better. I am going to buy few more for my daughter and my other house.- Kidane H, CO
I hate complicated things, which is why I normally dont shop online since some sites are very hard to navigate and have too many pop-ups however I found your site different. Very easy to follow and you can easily find things. I just hope though that you provide more items under accessories like the ink refills so it will be easier for me to order one once my current refill is used up. Nonetheless, I still prefer your site and your products.- Sladana D, TX