5 Smart Gadgets That Will Help You Half Your Power Bill

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Trying to cut your power bill in half is one of the effective ways of saving money. By understanding how and which home appliances use the most unnecessary electricity, this will help you cut your power bill in half.  

The Intelligent Thermostat

Air conditioners are one of the appliances that use a lot of power. By using a thermostat, your house can self-regulate the temperatures using smart technology. The device has in-built motion detectors that are able to sense whether or not there are people in the house. By doing so, it is able to regulate the room temperature accordingly.  The thermostat will even go the extra mile of observing the weather forecast for you! It is connected to the Wi-Fi making it possible to observe the current weather trends and make the appropriate changes. This intelligent device will cut your power bills by up to 50%

Invest in a power monitor

You may have an idea of the appliances using so much energy but a but power monitor enables you to know exactly which device is consuming a lot of power, by how much and at which intervals. The monitor is simply connected to the circuit of the house and from the comfort of your desktop; you can visibly see the appliances consuming a lot of power. Having all this information will help you know the key sectors that you should focus on in order to cut your power bill by half.

Water Pebble

The water pebble is a smart way of reducing the amount of power and water you use while showering. For most households, a lot of unnecessary time is used in cleaning up. The water pebble is attached directly below your shower and it measures how much time you spend in the shower. The pebble then collects this information and begins to reduce your bathing time by seven seconds by giving off a red alert sign.

Use solar energy

Solar energy offers a cheaper option to from obtaining electricity from the electric company. You can opt for a one-time purchase where you pay the full amount at once or a power purchase agreement (PPA) where you pay a constant amount until the total cost of the solar panels is offset.

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

They not only reduce the number of bulbs used but also the amount of power consumed. They enable you to reduce the amount of power usage in rooms experiencing a lot of human traffic.

All these smart gadgets will help you cut down your power bills by half.

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