How to Keep Your Kids Safe with Technology


Technology has advanced so rapidly that even the little ones cannot be left behind. A three-year-old child can operate a cell phone or tablet like any other human being. They probably even learnt the alphabet by using a tablet. With technology playing an imperative part in the learning process for children, it is the role of the parents to ensure that their children do not lurk around inappropriate sites.

Set guidelines on how much time should be spent on a computer

The first step to ensuring your child’s safety is explaining to them how they can use the internet in a positive manner and also the atrocious content existing. By helping them understand right from wrong, this will help your children make the right decisions even when you are not around

Install software’s that limit their internet usage.

Apps can help sieve put websites that are not age appropriate for your children by ensuring they have no access to them. When it comes to social media platforms, you can use apps such as to keep track of your child’s behavior and that they are not exposed to any danger.

Learn what children enjoy when online

The only way to solve a problem is by understanding it. Find out what your child likes to use the internet for. You can even consult fellow parents or websites to gather as much information as possible so as to know how well you can protect your child from the possible threats.

Use privacy settings to limit the number of people who can access your phone and tablet.

Seeing as most parents give their children their phones or tablets to use, ensure you have passwords on areas you would prefer they have no access to. This may be social media platforms such as Whatsapp or Facebook to keep them from sharing private information with the public.

Be your child’s role model

Children often emulate what they see their parents do; monkey see, monkey do. For this reason, your children will pick up your internet behaviors without you knowing. They will go to familiar sites as you do and before you know it, you have lost your child to the World Wide Web.

Technology is indeed a good learning to kids, but how it is used will determine whether it makes your break your child. BY ensuring proper use of it, you can protect your child from its many vices.


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