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The iDesign is an ultra-thin Tracing Pad specifically designed for drawing and tracing. Unlike other light-pads on the market that only marginally performs in terms of lighting output and thickness. The iDesign is engineered to maximize your ability to easily trace on a variety of paper stock and even Card Stock Paper (up to 150lbs paper stock).



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  •  The iDesign is an ultra-slim (1/4-inch-thick) Tracing Pad with a useable draw-space of 12.6″ x 9.1″ and an actual size of 14″ x 10.47″ (sheet of paper). It incorporates Shatter Resistant Organic Glass as well as solid Commercial use construction in its design. The iDesign is sleek and portable as well as fun to use. It provides exceptional light that makes tracing a cinch.

    The iDesign’s super-bright lights clearly illuminate your photo, image, artwork, or even CAD drawings. The iDesign is as simple to use as placing a photo, logo image, or drawing onto the draw-space, then placing a standard 8×11 sheet of paper or tracing paper (either works well, up to card stock) over it, turn it on, adjust the brightness, and then begin to trace.

    Thanks to iDesign’s low 5.5-watt power requirement, it can be powered by your laptop, portable power banks, or even a mobile phone charger via a USB connection. This adds greatly to the iDesign’s portability and uses. The iDesign is the perfect tool for an Art Institute Student, Graphics Student, Architect, Graphic Designer, or even if drawing is just your hobby.

    • Ultra Slim: The iDesign is only 1/4 inch thick.

    • Large Draw Space: The iDesign has an ample draw space (12.6″ x 9.1″).

    • LED Backlighting: The iDesign uses 80 LED’s evenly distributed producing Cool White 4900LUX.

    • Super Bright Illumination: The iDesign provides 250 Lumens of super bright illumination. This aid greatly in image visibility during tracing or drawing.

    • Eye Protection Technology: The iDesign integrates light technology (Flicker-Free Super Bright Light-emitting diodes) that reduces strain and fatigue on your eyes while using it.

    • Extremely Low Power Requirements: The iDesign requires only 5.5 Watts to operate and can be powered by a laptop, portable power bank, or mobile phone wall charger via USB.

    • Highly Portable: The iDesign is thin, sleek, and requires very little power to operate, which makes it very versatile and highly portable.

    • Touch Adjustable Brightness: The iDesign utilizes Touch-Sensitive Adjustable Brightness controls to adjust the brightness to your desired level.

    • Outline Measure: The iDesign incorporates both horizontal and vertical ruler outlines to better attain accuracy in your drawings and tracings.

    • Color: The iDesign features silver on white finish.

    • Superior Glass: The iDesign uses Shatter Resistant Organic Glass (prevents shattering should it be dropped)

    • Heavy Duty Construction: The iDesign features solid Commercial Use Construction. It feels very sturdy and durable when handling, not flimsy like other Tracing Pads on the market.

    • Versatile: Works on a variety of paper stock, even Card Stock Paper (up to 150lbs paper stock)

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