iTrack Motorcycle GPS Tracker
The iTrack is an airbox, under rear seat, motorcycle trunk
friendly gps tracker for motorcycles. Choose to wire it in,
or use our batteries, in either case this unit will pocket
nicely to secure your new ride. We utilizes both
GPS and cellular technology to send its Google Maps
location via text message.

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iTrack Features
Simple yet effective. The iTrack will sends you alerts by text message with a google maps link showing you it's on the move. Setup alerts by simple text commands, get its location by simply calling it or sending a text.Our logic was to keep your per use cost as low as possible, the lowest in this industry actually at $0.02 per text message (location), there is no data plan or text plan or phone plan cheaper.
Battery Life
This motorcycle gps tracker has the longest lasting battery for a GPS device of its size (2" x 3" x 0.45"), capable of up to 6 days of life. Two batteries are included, so you can hot swap out the battery without having to wait for it to recharge. Alternatively use our 12V DC bike wiring kit thats included.
When the iTrack texts you its location, rest assured it will be within 10 feet of its location on Google Maps. We utilize 32 satellite trilateration and cellular LBS tower triangulation combo to ensure we're spot on. You can use the google link the unit will text or use our custom tool for the iTrack here:
Build a Fence
and Set Alerts

The iTrack gives you easy to use text commands such as fence parameter for your bike, check if your bike has been moved, has your bike been dropped (shock alert), is your bike being ridden, decide the how often and when you want to hear from it, or in what event you would like to be notified of its location. Gain some peace of mind.
We include a nationwide compatible sim card for the iTrack, for those cross-country Sturgis bike rallies. We ride vintage, we get the need for security on the road.
Tons of
In addition to an extra battery, your iTrack also comes with a rapid battery charging dock, waterproof case, magnetic mount, and 12V DC wiring harness that helps you hardwire it directly into your bike battery. We designed this to tie into 12V DC bike batteries that have atleast 50 CCA (Cold Cranking Amps).
This motorcycle gps tracker is also equipped with a Panic/SOS button that sends your location every 5 seconds. Add up to 5 fellow bikers should you face a compromising situation on the road. We call it the GoGoGadget Muscle Button.
American Service
and Support
Yep real americans, even if there's just a few of us, we're native, and happy to serve. Allow us to make the techie stuff less techie. We'll do it for you. Give us a ring 877-686-7495, don't speak much, then type it out in the chat box to your right. (chat appears during normal business hours)

Motorcycle GPS Tracking 101
Text Command "begin123456": is a command used to initialize your iTrack when you are communicating with it for the first time. It configures you as the administrator (or the Big Kahuna).
Text Command "check123456": is the command used to identify the iTrack's reception for the area. Its a measurement of 1-30 (30 being the best).
Calling the iTrack: after two rings, hangup, and you'll immediately receive a text message with a google maps link of the iTrack's location.
Done: Thats it. Keep your peace of mind and ride with it!
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Motorcycle Tracking Device 101
Here is a short clip on how quick it is to get up and tracking your bike.
What are folks saying?
Alex T.
So my wife bought this for me as a birthday gift, and I was passive about it. I had plans to purchase a directed electronics bike alarm, it turns out that was a little more involved than I wanted in an alarm. I found this little tracker was a slap and track type. Its a lowjack type security for pennies on the dollar. Now my wife has an even shorter leash on me..
Glenn G.
Ok I'm a supporter. I had two theft attempts on this bike, one they couldnt break the steeing wheel lock so they kicked my bike over, and second attempt was at a bar, I had the itrack unit set to message me when there was a shock or tilt. Lets just say they found a rude awakening.
Jeremy Rios
Easy install in my airbox, used industrial velcro tape, cheap year round coverage, looking forward to never having to use it.
Ricky Rage
I love my bike, but so does my hood. I appreciate the help on getting me setup -- Henry was awesome! I find myself checking this thing constantly when at work, even though I lock it up in the garage to avoid crap weather.
Installed on my Ducati RR. Easy to shove it up in intake into the airbox and hardwired it to my Yuasa. easypeazy.Thanks for the tips!
Works with deka batteries. Bike kit already had an inline fuse. Friendly support, easy to use unit, looking forward to what they come up with next. Meantime this will keep my peace of mind without doubt. *hugz* tiff
Jonathan V.
Bought one for the road king and one for the roadster, I dont leave home without it. Chat support was great, easy folks to deal with. Thank you guys!
(email us a photo of your ride and share your experience and we'll send out a worthwhile thank you.)