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MyBackup is the elegant, powerful, portable solution to drained batteries. With this handy tool to back up your gadgets, you’ll never be left powerless again.



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  •   All of the amazing features on your invaluable smartphone – GPS, email, web browsing, games – come with a price: an overworked battery. We all tend to rely on these features more and more each day. We use them to find our way, get through our commute, or stay in touch, but the more we rely on them, the faster our batteries fade. Many backup power supplies are bulky, unattractive, proprietary, finicky, or overpriced. Or all of the above. MyBackup is an elegant, tough, lightweight backup power supply that fits any USB-compatible device and holds a whole lot of power – enough to fully juice your smartphone two times. And unlike other affordable backup power supplies, it doesn’t come with the risk of damaging your devices. It’s a high tech solution to battery depletion that’s completely safe, 100% reliable, and easy to take anywhere.

    • USB For Universal Compatibility: MyBackup powers your devices through a USB hookup, so any smartphone, tablet, MP3/MP4 player, digital camera, or other USB-capable device is compatible and safe to use with MyBackup to receive a boost on the go. That includes most popular portable gadgets from HTC, Samsung, Apple, and more.

    • State of the Art Software for Safety: Proprietary Arkmon software built into MyBackup regulates the electrical current, ensuring the safety of your devices and guaranteeing efficient energy transfer. To protect your $600+ gadget from power surges or overheating, it builds in intelligent safeguards, including: overcharge protection, discharge protection, surge-over-current protection, and short-circuit protection. Connect your phone or tablet with confidence.

    • Powerful Battery: The true 5200 mAh capacity of MyBackup’s lithium ion battery stores enough energy to power up your smartphone two times, a standard cell phone five times, or a tablet once. You can also choose to divide its power up among your many gadgets as you see fit, extending the life of each of your invaluable electronics. Plus, its efficient design allows it to charge up in a flash.

    • Made to Last: Premium materials comprise MyBackup’s casing, including a durable polyurethane body, glass LCD face, and anodized aluminum front cover. With its quality construction and state of the art software keeping it safe from external damage and internal issues, you can rest assured MyBackup will always be ready to charge when you need it.

    • Slick Swiss Design: MyBackup was designed to pair with all of your high-end, high-tech gadgets. Like your iPhone or iPad, it’s built with clean, elegant lines and an appealingly minimalist style.

    • Bright LCD Display: The glass LCD face of MyBackup tells you its status in real time with crisp, classic blue digits. It maintains its modest style while also delivering precise percentage readings, numbered 1-99, to let you know exactly how much power you have left.

    • Take it Anywhere: MyBackup measures only 3.75x1.5x1 inches – about the size of a Matchbox car - and weighs only 5 ounces. Tuck it in your pocket, purse, drawer, bag, glove compartment, or in your shoe, if you want. It’s tough enough for travel and small enough that you’ll never get sick of carrying it.

    1. durable battery pack Review by Ruyan Guerrero


      This is my first time to buy a battery pack and I'm not disappointed at all. This battery pack has a good exterior design and durable, it does not easily heat up when I sometimes forgot to remove it f... (Posted on 6/5/2015)

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