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The NiteClock is just that an easy to use lowkey clean design Night Vision Clock Cam. The NiteClock functions as an HD video\audio camera, and a digital clock with alarm feature.



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  •   The NiteClock records in crisp 1080P FHD at 30FPS with 16-bit audio. It also auto-captures impressive photos in HD (2560 x1440) in JPEG format. In addition to the NiteClock’s recording and photography, it also incorporates a fully functional digital alarm clock into its design complimenting most American households or office space. When its night time, this device utilizes true-stealth night vision recording technology. Even with all of these features, the NiteClock is also portable with remote control capabilities as well. Included is the replaceable rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, the NiteClock can record for up to 8-hours in motion detection mode. The NiteClock will excel at meeting your surveillance needs whether in a home, office, dorm or hostel, and various travel safety needs.

    • Just A Clock Design: The NiteClock uses an elegant and natural desktop clock design. We modeled after common budget clocks found at dollar stores. It comes in black with a super deep blue LED display and it blends well into almost any home or office décor. Its unassuming look adds to its stealth surveillance appeal.

    • Full Day Battery: The NiteClock includes a replaceable long-lasting Li-Ion battery. It offers up to 8-Hours of recording in motion detection mode and 2-hours in continuous recording mode. 24/7 Recording when plugged in.

    • Wireless Remote Control: The NiteClock includes a wireless remote control with an operating range of 30-feet, even from inside your pants pocket. GoGo Gadget Record..!

    • HD Video/Audio REC: Records stunning HD video with a resolution of 1080P at 30FPS and 16-bit audio, with the click of the remote.

    • REAL Night Vision: The NiteClock is equipped with night vision recording capabilities. It integrates 940nm wavelength infrared LEDs that are undetectable by the human eye, which makes the NiteClock a truly stealth night vision recorder.

    • Motion Detection: The NiteClock has built-in motion detection that provides automatic recording whenever movement is detected within its field of view.

    • Low Battery Fail Safe: The NiteClock integrates a Low Battery Fail Safe feature. When the battery is critically low, it will conserve the last remaining stored power for its clock and alarm settings. This feature will prolong the clock and the alarm functions for up to 7 days without being recharged.

    • Auto Capture HD Camera: Long lasting portability engage auto-capture for one photo per 10 seconds for an extended portable battery life. HD photos (2560 x 1440).

    • Stealth LED Indicators: During video recordings, the NiteClock turns off indicator lights when a recording has been activated, avoiding the typical constant blinking most devices on the market produce.

    • Dual Clock Modes: The NiteClock can be set for Standard American Time 12-hour or Military time 24-hour time.

    • The Alarm: The NiteClock allows the setting of up to three different simultaneous alarms and it incorporates a loudspeaker for a traditional obnoxious alarm sound.

    • 24/7 Plug Recording: The NiteClock can record in continuous mode or motion detection mode while charging allowing for an indefinite video/audio recording session.

      • Recording Video Resolution: TrueHD 1080P @ up to 30 FPS
      • Camera Resolution: HD (2560 x 1440) JPEG
      • Recording Format: AVI
      • Recording Modes: Motion Detection, Constant Record, and Photo Snap every 10 Seconds.
      • Memory Type: microSD up to 32GB (class 4/6)
      • Time & Date Watermark: Yes
      • Loop/Overwrite Recording: Yes
      • Clock Modes: 12-hour / 24-hour
      • Battery Life: up to 8-hours (Motion Detection) or 2-hours (Constant Record)
      • Battery Type: Rechargeable 14500 (3.7 V) Lithium-Ion (Replaceable)
      • USB Connection: USB 2.0
      • Clock Face: Gloss Black with Blue LED display
      • Clock Body: Black
      • Weight: 5.1 oz.
      • Dimensions: 4" H x 1.5" W x 2" L (inch)
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