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The OBD is a truly turnkey ready-out-of-the-box commercial Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracker. Car, Truck, and Motorcycle. No activation necessary, battery charged, visualize your iTrack in route with your smartphone or computer anywhere in the world. Yes, ANYWHERE in the world (well, almost), either your iTrack or you can be almost anywhere on the globe and see real-time tracking and record it’s history. Middle of the ocean, humm no, but offshore, sure. Expect 3-4 Weeks on battery or use an optional wire harness.



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  •   The OBD is an out-of-the-box ready commercial-grade vehicle GPS Tracking Device. Weighing in at just 4.1oz, with a dimension of 1.9” x 2.9” x 1.25” it's about the size of a D cell battery (who uses these anymore). This model is designed for the trucking, automotive, and motorcycle industry

    Tracking using a mobile tracking app on your smartphone (not just a website), or track using your computer. Watch in real-time or not at all, and your tracking history will automatically be saved on the device. The OBD battery is rechargeable and will last you 3-4 weeks or use the optional plug-n-play wire harness.

      Designed and assembled in South Korea, you could call us the Samsung of GPS Tracking Technology. We’re one of the only if not the only American business that has been in business since 2006 in the telematics industry. We offer A-Rated in-house designed tracking devices that last, and at a fair cost.

    All of our tracking devices are OTA (over-the-air) upgradable hardware. We regularly push updates to devices to ensure 99.9% uptime. If GPS satellite networks or LTE networks make a change, we quickly adapt. There will likely never be a need to replace your OBD for decades to come.

    • GPS + Galileo + Glonass + LTE CatM1: Polygamy indeed. LTE Cat-M1 is a special 4G LTE device only (non-mobile) band adding security, low battery usage, and military grade data reliability. It’s a step above 4G LTE and only on a data band that talks to tracking devices. GPS + Glonass + Galileo are three Sat networks of which this unit can connect to up 64 satellites of these types to ensure complete global coverage with pinpoint accuracy.

    • Global Coverage: (psst, But I don’t need Global.) Well, its included, our device works across multiple LTE CatM1 carriers. All the USA, Mexico, Baja, Canada, and yes 194 other countries. A user’s experience has unparalleled access and the ability to monitor the OBD from virtually everywhere.

    • 3-axis Accelerometer Chip: In short REAL motion detection, sensing even the slightest hand gesture. Increase or decrease sensitivity. Ideal to track and receive alerts for those assets on the move. Or… Suddenly taken.

    • Long Battery Life: We incorporated a commercial grade rechargeable lithium battery each tested to meet or beat a life cycle of 4 years. These are Korean battery cells, not cheap imports. On a full charge expect 3-4 weeks of continuous tracking depending on your use case and device configuration. In 4 years, replacement batteries are only $15.

    • Mobile Apps: Not a mobile website, like most. We provide both Android, iPhone, iPad certified apps in the app store. American designed, user friendly, more importantly designed specifically around low power consumption of your smartphone. Google Maps enabled, Get Mobile Alerts, Real-Time tracking with address, Geofencing, and History. Track with multiple phones, multiple users, all at the same time.

    • Desktop/Laptop Platform: We include an easy on the eyes PC, & Mac web portal to manage the properties of your OBD. Google Maps enabled, Desktop Alerts, Email Alerts, Real-Time tracking with address, History, Export History, Sensors, Excel/PDF Reports, Geofencing, Notifications, User Management (add a friends/staff), and Unit Management.

    • Alerts: Geofencing, Entering, Leaving, Low Battery, Motion Detection, Tampering, Driving Behavior, Heat Mapping, Parking, Idle Time, Trips, Distance, Speeding based on local laws (adjustable), or get creative setup your own custom alerts.

    • Google Maps™: We license Google Maps™ to offer a premium mapping system worldwide. Choose from traditional Google Maps Layout, to Google Satellite, Google Physical, Google Hybrid, Google Street View, and add local Google Traffic.

    • Silence!: Ding Dong, your battery is low! No sounds here. The tracking device itself is designed for discrete behavior both audible and visually. The battery, tracking, and alert reporting is all sent to the server which you control from your smartphone or PC/Mac.

    • Neodymium Magnets: Easily Attach, but two-handed with a full-body tussle removal. No need to clean a surface, just slap-n-track! The holster includes a clip-on seat for the OBD, so it can easily unclip when its time to charge, leaving the rare earth magnetic beast of a holster behind.

    • Designed, Managed, Made in the USA: We’ve been in the telematics industry (commercial grade gps tracking) since 2006, we’re the original iTrack brand (google can prove it). Our tracking network, data network, platform server security, mobile apps, were developed and are supported in America. Stick with a brand you can trust.

    • Data Cost: Ok, not a feature, but we’re transparent, and provide the details of most importance first. So, you don’t want to pay anything, we get it. Oh, but you want real-time tracking, smartphone apps, history of where its been, mobile alerts, email alerts, fencing, unlimited data, unlimited coverage, on a device that will last you decades. We can come close, its FREE for a month, then there are options of prepaid $10,$20,$24. Pay-As-You-Go leaving you in control. Turn ON/OFF or Cancel anytime as you need it, no hidden fees, we’re here to provide solutions, not headaches.

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