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The iTrackPET is lightweight mesh, GPS Enabled, Tracking Harness for dogs and cats.

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  •   The ITrackPET is the only professional series Pet Tracking Harness on the market, ideal for Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, Huge breeds of Dogs and Cats, we designed it comfortable for them (six sizes available and fully adjustable). In short this is a premium mesh breathable body harness with pocket designed for your pets comfort first, and tracking second. This combination can offer you and your best friend the comfort and peace of mind that you’ll find them when they need to be found.

      • Accurate Coverage via Multiple Networks: GPS + Glonass + Galileo are three Sat networks of which this unit can connect to up to 64 satellites of these types to ensure complete global coverage with pinpoint accuracy. This device also uses LTE Cat-M1 Bands (a GPS device only non-mobile network) adding low battery usage, and military grade data reliability.

      • Premium Weight-Balanced Harness: Designed with your pets comfort in mind, we made sure our harness exceeded fitment comfort under the legs, neck, back, and waist. The we did several real life use case tests to ensure the weight is evenly distributed wither Fido or Tom was laying, sitting, playing, eating, drinking, walking, or running. We found little to no disturbance when comparing to a weighted around the neck traditional GPS/Radio collars. Furthermore, positioning the GPS device on the upper body allows optimal GPS Tracking Reception for perfect accuracy at all times.  

      • Secure Pocket: The pocket was designed to pinch, velcro, and secure the GPS puck device in place while your pet runs, plays, or swims. Yet easy for a human to remove to charge the GPS puck device.

      • Track on Mobile App: A User-Friendly GPScards® Mobile App. Showing you a Puppy or Cat icon, the app shows you Google Maps™, History of your GPS Tracker Locations, Real-Time movement of your GPS Tracker, Mobile Phone Alerts if your ITrackPET has a low battery,  goes outside the area or fence you create, and more. Have full control of your GPS

      • Track on PC: You like your computer, you like using it more, well we have a website for that. You can easily do all the same things on your mobile phone to track your GPS Tracker while simply using your computer system. Visit the GPScards® website and keep an eye on your pet.

      • #1 Best Maps: Authorized and Licensed Google Maps™ enabled mapping system with all the features. Satellite view, Street View, Hybrid View, Zoom In/Out, Street Names , State/City Park Names, and More… 

      • Trusted Name in the USA: ElectroFlip® been in the telematics industry (commercial grade GPS tracking) since 2006, we’re the original iTrackPET brand (google can prove it). Our tracking network, data network, platform server security, mobile apps, were developed and are supported in America.




        * Dimensions: 1.9H x 2.9W x 0.80D (inch)
        * Weight: 2.8 oz
        * Waterproof Rating: IP66
        * Satellite Networks: GPS L1 Band + Glonass L1 Band + Galileo E1B/L1
        * Data Networks: 4G LTE CatM1 for 194 Countries
        * Battery Type: Korean Lithium Battery (Real 1200mAh)
        * Battery Life: 4-5 days
        * Tracking Storage History: Up to a year, with option to export.
        * Compatible With: Windows, Mac, iPhone (App Included), Android (App Included), iPad/Tablet (App Included)


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