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Bluetooth Pen Display Drawing Monitor Graphic Art Tablet with 8192 Lvl Sensitivity.



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  •  Bluetooth-Pen Display Drawing Monitor Graphic Art Tablet with 8192 Lvl Sensitivity.

    • Stylist Pen Pressure: 8,192 Levels of Pressure Sensitivity

    • Wireless: Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 Connectivity with for iPad, iPhone, and Android Real-Time Drawing and Handwriting Recognition.

    • Mobile Apps: Includes android and apple iphone real-time draw mobile apps.

    • Offline Draw: Offline Draw Now SYNC Later. Sync to your mobile phone or iPad and transfer to your PC for post production work. Memory Capable of recording up to 8 hours of draw time. Save in static form, playback and stream to your iPad or Mobile Phone.

    • One Button Touch: Quick Erase, Quick Save, and Perm Lock Artwork to prevent accidental wipes.

    • Easy Palm: Palm / Wrist Rest friendly. Draw without interference and without the need for gloves.

    • Real-Time Art Stream: Wireless Stream your artwork in action to multiple user/devices.

    • Simplified: Single Color Lines in Matte Lime Green to reduce common eye fatigue with full color bright tablets after hours of use.cil drawer, cartoonist, aspiring architect? Palm an DigiDesign quick and efficiently digitize your piece of art in real-time over bluetooth connection. Elevate your talent into a digitized world and draw in real-time and watch your work come to life via android or iphone. Color your work in using your mobile phone with the included mobile app. But weight you have a sense of touch about your art, it requires unique pressure levels, we understand so we gave you 8192 levels of pressure points to ensure you capture that perfect finish to your finished piece.

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