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Low profile windshield video car camera. Easily Tucks Behind Rear-view mirror of most vehicles. (driver view unobstructed).

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  •  Individuals with young families or owners of commercial vehicles will love the microCarCam video recorder. Discreetly mounted on the windshield, the device features a micro size profile dimension design that records road and traffic conditions.

    With a built-in, 1 inch screen, the microCarCam allows the driver to monitor the camera in real-time or playback footage. Commercial vehicle owners can use the MicroCarCam to meet DOT standards due to its small profile design to document road hazards and reckless drivers.

    • Auto REC: on Ignition start (and stop record when ignition off)

    • Unobstructed Drive: Easily Tucks Behind Rear-view mirror of most vehicles. (driver view unobstructed)

    • 30FPS: Competes with major brands in terms of high resolution recording day/night at full 1920×1080 HD Res. (at 30 Frames Per Second)

    • Easy to Use: Records Video/Audio (like a typical camcorder)

    • Clean Date/Time: Clean American Standard Date/Time DD/MM/YYYY (not the typical foreign date/time, also optional)

    • Easy Menus: Easy American Standard Menu Navigation.

    • Long Cable: Over 6ft Power Cable to easily conceal in your headliner and down your door frame.

    • USB Charge Port: USB Fast Charge port on back of the power adapter for your mobile phone (so you’re not sacrificing a cigarette lighter port)

    • 3 Finger Size: TinyThree Finger Size Camera Design with One Finger Micro Windshield Mount.

    • Large Storage: Continuous Record Up to 8 hours for those long drives, or it will last you a week if you plan to use it as your daily driver. (before overwriting over old video clips, can be enabled/disabled)

    • Law Friendly: These units are legal in many states due to the nature of their very small size allowing driver to have complete windshield view. It will typically fit behind most rear-view mirrors.

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