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The LiteHD is a mini pen video camera recorder. It functions equally as well as an HD camera, HD video recorder or a high-performance audio voice recorder.

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  •   The LiteHD records in vivid 1080P at up to 30 fps, but it also takes amazing HD photos as well. It incorporates a rechargeable long lasting battery that offers up to 7 Hours of non-stop recording in 10-minute file segments, on a single battery charge. The LiteHD also features motion detection recording. While in motion-detection mode, it can record for several days on a single battery charge. This multi-purpose device also functions as a voice recorder. When using the LiteHD as a voice recorder, it can record up to 7-hours of continuous voice recording. The LiteHD utilizes microSD Memory cards to accommodate its storage. It can support up to a maximum of a 32GB microSD Memory card. The LiteHD is choked full of innovative and useful features, that include the ability to record HD video, take HD photos, and act as a high-performance audio voice recorder.

    • Motion Detection: The LiteHD has built-in motion detection that provides automatic recording whenever movement is detected within the field of view.

    • Small Form Factor: The LiteHD is a small, lightweight, and easy to mount device designed for the professional.

    • Rechargeable Battery: The LiteHD includes a built-in long lasting rechargeable battery. It offers up to 7 Hours of non-stop recording in 10-minute file segments.

    • Reserve Battery Power: The LiteHD integrates a reserve battery power feature for “Emergency Moments.” Even when the LiteHD has depleted its normal function battery power, there is still enough reserve to use your flashlight and record an emergency additional 5-minutes of video.

    • HD Video Recorder: Records vivid HD video with a resolution of 1080P (1920x1080) at 30fps. Can also record in 720P and 480p at 30fps to conserve both battery power and memory.

    • HD Camera: Takes brilliant HD photos 1920 x 1080 Pixels (16:9) / 16,7 Million (24 BitsPerPixel).

    • Voice Meeting Recorder: The LiteHD can function as a high-performance audio voice recorder. It can record up to 7 hours of continuous voice recording on a single full battery charge. The Voice Recorder function can operate independently from the video functionality for quick easy of use. *Due to certain local laws that restrict audio recordings without two-way consent, it is encouraged that you check your local laws, so that you stay in compliance.

    • Time and Date Stamp: Video footage has the option of time and date stamp to keep track of when a particular recording was actually recorded. This feature keeps your recordings organized and it can be enabled or disabled.

    • Loop Recording: The LiteHD can record over video footage for continuous recording. This feature can be enabled or disabled.

    • Continuous Recording: The LiteHD can record for 7-hours continuously or while in Motion Detection mode at 480P resolution. Although the resolution is lower for power savings, it does offer vivid video recordings while maximizing your available storage capacity and battery life.

    • Records While Charging: The LiteHD can record in constant mode or motion detection mode while charging. mAh charge is greater than mAh power draw of recording.

    • Swivel Head: The LiteHD has a 90° rotatable lens design which provides a wider view and more mounting options when capturing video or taking photos.

    • Magnetic Back: Incorporates a magnetic back that provides you with more mounting options, such as on a toolbox, metal furniture, garage rack, refrigerator or other metal surfaces.

    • Shirt Clip: Provides quick and discrete pocket insertion for shirt or pants.

    • Built-in Flashlight: The LiteHD includes a powerful, bright, and small LED Flashlight. There are very few cameras on the market that offer this combination.

    • microSD Memory Card Storage: The LiteHD utilizes microSD Memory cards to manage its media storage. It has a maximum storage capacity of 32GB. The LiteHD is compatible with both Class 4 and Class 6 microSD memory cards.

    • Heavy-Duty Construction: The LiteHD has a solid metal construction.

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      Seems like it records well, but it's a little bit complicated to use.... (Posted on 10/30/2021)

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