Prepaid $30 GPS SIM Card for GPS Trackers

Model: GPS card

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The only All-in-One SIM card to turn that GPS Tracker from a paperweight into a Lively GPS tracking machine.

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  • The only All-in-One GPS card SIM card to turn that GPS Tracker from a paperweight into a Lively GPS tracking machine.

    This SIM card will provide you with unlimited data + Mobile Tracking Apps + GPS Server Website to use to closely track your GPS Tracker.

    This SIM card is designed just for GPS Tracking Devices and works with all makes and models. It is to be installed inside your GPS Tracking Device. .

    • It's EASY: We don't just ship you a SIM card and tell you to figure it out. Once you activate, we will do the setup for you. No big deal. No heavy instructions.

    • Track on Mobile App: Track your handy dandy GPS Tracker using GPScards Mobile App. The app shows you Google Maps™, History of your GPS Tracker Locations, Real-Time movement of your GPS Tracker, Mobile Phone Alerts if your GPS Tracker has a low battery, is speeding, goes outside the area you set, parks, moves, and more. Have full control of your GPS Tracking Device with your phone.

    • Track on PC: You like your computer, you like using it more, well we have a website for that. You can easily do all the same things on your mobile phone to track your GPS Tracker while simply using your computer system. Visit our website and follow your GPS device or simply have it setup email alerts or popup alerts.

    • Google Maps™ Enabled: Authorized and Licensed Google Maps™ enabled mapping system with all the features. Satellite view, Street View, Hybrid View, Traffic View, Zoom In/Out, Business Names,Street Names ,POI Names, and More...

    • Unlimited Data: Give your GPS Tracker what it needs without limits. This will give you the ability to track your device as long and as much as you need during your service.

    • Size 3-in-1: Pick your size any size, the 3in1 GPScards sim will fit almost any GPS Tracking Device. If you accidently pop out a size too small. Thats OK! The small cards can easily pop back into one another to form the correct size needed. We have a video to help with this.

    • Prepaid Price: To extend service, just add the same amount you paid, it's simple.


    • SIM Size: 3in1
    • Coverage: US, Canada, Mexico
    • Mobile Apps Included: Yes
    • Unlimited Data: Yes
    • Celluar Bands: 4G, 3G, 2G, LTE CatM1
    • GPS Tracker Supported: All Makes and Models
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