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The perfect solution to mountain biking, skiing, rock climbing, hiking, sport finishing, and well pretty much any adventure sport where you're looking for a hands free POV without the need for a bulk video camera strapped to your chest.

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  •   The SunSport is made to capture all the insane moments of your adventurous lifestyle, all in dominatingly crisp, clear and colorful HD 1080p. Not only that, but you can use it day or night, good weather and not so good weather, making it the adventure archive companion you’ve always dreamt about. Durable, weatherproof and perfectly suited to all of your exploits from mountain biking to rock climbing to more mischievous nighttime adrenaline activities like paintball, capture the flag, urban exploration and infiltration, cave diving and yes, even cow tipping. No matter your sport, the SunSport has you covered – with video footage that is, the rest is up to you.

      • HD Video/Audio: Capture all the action packed adventure in full-color True 1080p HD at an amazing 30 frames per second recording rate, ensuring you don't miss a thing. The adjustable pivot lens keeps it all in sight. We've not forgotten to capture those action sounds either!

      • Waterproof: No matter snow nor sleet nor driving rain, the SunSport was made to endure the elements. Rated to be waterproof up to a foot, the SunSport has you covered in any condition on earth. You can't hunt for the Red October, but you can do everything else.

      • Hidden LED Indicators: This helps reduce distractions when a friend is nearby. The LED indicator is located on the inside of the frames leg near your temple. You nor your adventuring partner will experience any annoying status indicator blinking.

      • Lithium-ion Battery: The SunSport although small in size will last up to an impressive 2 hours of non-stop video recording or all day if you take short action videos.

      • Vibration Notify: So you've got your ski gloves on and you cant tell in the sunslight if you've set your SunSport to record, well the SunSport Vibrates on the push of your button mashing. This will help you identify the mode your SunSport is currently in. Yep we've thought of everything.

      • MicroSD Memory Slot: Swap out memory cards as often as you would like. The SunSport is compatible with 8GB - 32GB Class 10 MicroSD and MicroSDHC memory cards allowing storage of up to 6 hours per card.

      • Durability: Because the SunSport was designed for covering all your outdoor adventures, the polycarbonate case is almost unbreakable and yet forgiving, weighing only 2.2 ounces –great for recovering the SunSport when you prematurely dismount your paddleboard.


      • PC or Mac Easy Transfer: The SunSport records videos in .MP4 format which is a universally friendly standard. Simply use the included USB MicroSD Memory Reader with your MicroSD card to plug into your computer. You can download,delete,view your videos using Apple QuickTime or Windows Media Player.

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    1. Outside worked much better. Review by McKenna


      Just got them a while ago. Recorded a short clip in my home. video quality looks dim indoors. Outside worked much better.... (Posted on 10/30/2021)

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