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The iSee2 records in a favorable 1080P at up to 30 fps while remaining completely discreet. It ingeniously incorporates touch-activated controls directly into the right temple (arm) of the glasses.



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  •   The iSee2 is a discrete nano lens video camera, seamlessly integrated into the frame of professional grade reading-styled glasses. Its clean and elegant style and design carefully hide its covert recording functionality. The iSee2 affords you the ability to covertly record audio and video both indoors or outdoors. It offers first-person view video recording while remaining hands-free. The iSee2 is great for travel, meetings, work, how-to videos, and point-of-view video recordings. Overall, the iSee2 is designed for the professional seeking discretion while still enabling them to capture every important moment.

    • Covert LED Status Indicator: The iSee2 features a LED status indicator that goes dormant after the user initiates video recording. This innovative feature allows complete discretion while recording.

    • Discreet Recordings: The iSee2 features true discrete recording capability. Its nano lens video camera is perfectly integrated into the frame of simple but elegant reading-styled glasses. They are indistinguishable from ordinary reading glasses.

    • Touch-Sensitive Controls: The iSee2 integrates touch-sensitive controls built directly into the temple (arm) of the glasses. It allows the user to power the iSee2 off and on with a simple touch. It also allows the user to start and stop video recordings with a simple touch of the right temple (arm) of the glasses.

    • Rechargeable Battery: The iSee2 includes a built-in long lasting rechargeable micro super Lithium-Ion battery that can power the iSee2 for over an hour of continuous HD video/audio recording.

    • Built-in Memory: The iSee2 integrates built-in memory storage that can store up to 2-hours of HD video/audio. No more worrying about losing or forgetting your memory cards.

    • Video Resolution: Records vivid HD video with a resolution of 1080P (1920x1080) at 30fps as well as audio. However, due to certain local laws that restrict audio recordings without two-way consent, it is encouraged that you check your local laws, so that you stay in compliance.

    • Easily Accessible Viewing: The iSee2 features easily accessible storage and charging connection via the tools-free removable left temple (arm). It allows quick access to stored video footage and charging connection.

    • Two Sets of Nose Pads: The iSee2 conveniently includes two sets of nose pads to accommodate small, medium, and those big noses. Provides a snug and comfortable fit without wear fatigue and play.

    • Continuous Recording: The iSee2 can record for over an hour continuously or if you prefer, you can record short 5 to 10-minute video segments to conserve battery power throughout the day.

    • Time and Date Stamp: The iSee2 features time and date stamps on your video recordings. This feature assists greatly in the organization of your video recordings. The feature can be enabled or disabled.

    • Natural Design: The iSee2 has a simple, sophisticated, most importantly natural with solid frame construction.

      • Recording Video Resolution: 1080P (1920x1080) @ up to 30fps
      • Video Format: AVI
      • Built-in Memory: Can store up to 2-hours of HD video/audio
      • Battery type: micro super Lithium Ion
      • Battery location: Inside Unit
      • USB Connection: USB 2.0
      • Weight: 1.1 oz.
      • Dimensions: (Glasses Open) 5 3/4" H x 5 7/8" W x 1 5/8" D
      •           (Glasses Closed) 1 3/4" H x 5 7/8" W x 1 5/8" D
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    1. Great Sound quality Review by R. M. Rzadzki


      These are great.Sound quality is way better than I thought it would be for the Price. ... (Posted on 10/30/2021)

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