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Tell time, or tell weather. Have your very own forecasting weather man in the comfort of your home at a glance.



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  •   WeatherVU is an attractive, sophisticated weather forecasting clock and is the only color unit available on the market. Find out the high and low temperatures in your area, as well as accurately predict the pressure and humidity. WeatherVU reports on conditions for both indoor and outdoor atmospheres. WeatherVU’s powerful weather forecasting encourages maximum comfort. You can set the temperature display to Celsius or Fahrenheit. The temperature, pressure, and humidity sensors update frequently to provide you with accurate forecasting from 6-12 hours. Easily mount WeatherVU on to walls or poles. Conveniently transmit information wirelessly to a wireless base station. WeatherVU also offers an alarm function with a snooze option and can be set up for scheduled event planning.

    • Color Weather Forecasting Clock: WeatherVU is the only color weather forecasting clock on the market, providing accurate and sophisticated weather predictions for 6-12 hours.

    • Temperature, Pressure, and Humidity Readings: WeatherVU provides temperature, pressure, and humidity readings. Temperature readings are in both Celsius and Fahrenheit and for both indoors and outdoors. Find out whether there is a chance of rain, thunder, sunny, cloudy, or overcast skies.

    • Alarm and Snooze: WeatherVU offers a convenient, customizable alarm with snooze function.

    • Wireless Transmission: WeatherVU transmits data wirelessly to a base station for outdoor reporting.

    • Easy Mounting: WeatherVU can easily be attached to a wall or pole or other structure for monitoring.

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    1. too expensive Review by John Tsui


      It's too expensive and its not easy to use at all. I had difficulty programming this clock camera to record proper temperature and pressure. Somehow it was able to give correct temperature for first m... (Posted on 6/5/2015)

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