NiteEye3 - Rotating Lens NightVision DVR Camera

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The NiteEye3 is an ultra-compact handheld camera device that features both audio and video motion detection recording day or night. It affords you the ability to quickly set-it and forget-it.



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  •   The NiteEye3 is an ingenious camera device ideal for those who need discreet, and versatile surveillance in a portable package. The NiteEye3 is capable of recording HD video in low light environments. The six 940nm no-glow infrared supports the night vision for capture HD in pitch black indoor or outdoor environments. This ensures that the NiteEye3 can provide you with the ultimate stealth recordings even in total darkness without any visible red glow. The NiteEye3 lens is fully adjustable an capable of wide 120° field of view which ensures the complete coverage regardless of room size. To summarize, the NiteEye3 features night vision, motion detection, full week battery life, multi-position, HD video/audio recording, and a compact size.

    • Full Week Battery: Offers up to 1-year of battery life on standby (only 3% discharge) while in motion detection mode and up to 7-days motion detection for light traffic areas such as a front door.

    • 180° Swivel Head: The NiteEye3 features a 180° swivel head so that it can be placed in a variety of locations and positions and still provide the perfectly angled shot. Lay it vertically or horizontally.

    • Motion Detection: Place and auto record any movement up to 20 feet day or night.

    • Night Vision: Auto detects darkness, and activates its night vision for HD night time capture. Like professional hunting cameras we utilize 940nm no-glow infrared operation. No-glow even in pure darkness.

    • HD Video/Audio Recorder: Records with a sensitive 16-bit audio pickup while in HD video with a resolution of 720P at 30fps. Switch to enable/disable audio.

    • Wide Field-of-View: Records using a 120° field-of-view camera lens that offers fisheye effect free of an entire room without having to reposition the device.

    • Watermarked: This ensures that you will always know the occurrence of your recordings. This can be enabled/disabled.

    • Loop Recording: This can be useful if by chance you are not able to swap out your microSD memory card regularly. This can be enabled/disabled.

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      it is great to be able to see what your pets are up to when away. Good stuff, we found the garbage thief. ... (Posted on 10/30/2021)

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