GPS Tracker
The iTrack is a small, mountable tracking device that uses cellular and GPS technology to transmit its location directly to your cell phone. Easy operation and durable design make the iTrack the ideal tracking tool for everyone, regardless of expertise or experience.
You just need a GPS tracker if:
You are a car owner, and your car is at risk of the most stolen cars.
You have a wholesale company and a large delivery department - each machine needs control.
You have a large team of sales representatives. Everyone must work on their territory.
You have a child in junior high. You work, and you can not escort and meet him to school. But where it is to know you need to be sure - the time is hectic.
You have older parents go for a walk and can get lost, or fall - how to find them?
You have a pet dog and you are very afraid that it can run away - how to look for it?
GPS tracker MUST be with travelers! It is not very important whether you are on a car or on foot, but if, God forbid, something happens, friends, family and friends with whom you leave your data will easily find you at the coordinates of the lighthouse.
be safe
iTrack Gps
GPS Tracker TK102B Review

iTrack GPS TRACKER FROM Electroflip

The iTrack is a sleek, durable, and highly accurate tracking device that utilizes both GPS and cellular technology to send its location via text message. Anytime you need to know the location of the iTrack, it will send an alert to the phone you specify with coordinates, speed, and battery life. Easily mount the iTrack to the family car, place it on company vehicles, slip it into your luggage, or bring it along on trips into the unknown. Straightforward settings make it easy for parents, employers, or adventurers with any level of computer literacy to keep tabs on the things that matter most.
iTrack Features

Cellular & GPS Technology
Using a combination of up to 32 satellite channels and cellular towers, it can deliver its location on demand within 10 feet. The only additional item you'll need is an inexpensive, pre-paid SIM card.
Long Battery Life
The iTrack has the longest lasting battery for a locating device of its size, capable of up to 6 days on standby mode. Two batteries are included, so you can swap out the battery without having to wait for it to recharge.
Map Compatible
When the iTrack texts you its location, compatible phones can pull up the actual spot on Google or Yahoo Maps automatically. Or access from any computer, we developed:
Set Perimeters and Alerts
The iTrack's easy menu lets you decide exactly how often you want to hear from it, or in what event you would like to be notified of its location. Use the Geo-Fencing feature to set a perimeter as you like and keep track.
Global Compatibility
The iTrack is compatible with Global Quad-Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz and GPRS TCP/UDP, encompassing most GSM cellular carriers worldwide.
Tons of Accessories
In addition to an extra battery, your iTrack also comes with a waterproof case, magnetic mount, charging dock, and a wiring harness that helps you hardwire it directly into your vehicle's power.
SOS/Panic Button
The iTrack is also equipped with a Panic/SOS button that sends your location every 5 seconds. Useful for Hikers, mountain climbers, long distance drivers, and any adventurers.
Service and Support
You'll enjoy our standard one-year full warranty with the iTrack.f you have any trouble setting, attaching, or maintaining your iTrack, we're here for you.

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iTrack GPS Tracker

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How iTrack GPS works?

The GPS tracker captures signals from satellites and determines its location (geographic coordinates) from them.
A regular SIM card is inserted into the tracker, so you can request the tracker's coordinates at any time by sending a special command to your SIM card number from your cell phone.
In response, the tracker sends an SMS with its own coordinates, which can be driven into a Google map and see the location of the tracker on the map.
iTrack GPS Tracker
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SIM Card
The iTrack is compatible with Global Quad-Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz and GPRS TCP/UDP, encompassing most GSM cellular carriers worldwide.