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The iSpyHD is a high-quality video and audio recorder that’s small enough to bring along on any adventure. With its wireless capability, easy operation, and compact design, the iSpyHD can accompany you anywhere you go, whether it’s a long trip or a quick errand. Its high quality video is ideal for private investigators, bringing crystal-clear, irrefutable evidence to any case in the form of true HD 720p video and stereo audio. The presence of this spy camera also provides additional security for your home, office, or loved ones.



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  •   The iSpyHD mini camera records high-quality video, stills and audio with a covert design slim enough to slip in and out of any situation undetected. While its advanced design is sleek enough for any undercover agent or international spy, its operation is simple enough for any untrained individual. It’s the most capable clandestine device in its class, offering true HD 720p video, stereo audio, high-quality stills, and easy one-click operation. Although your missions may not be as dangerous as a secret agent’s, the iSpyHD can still get you out of a jam. Ideal as a protection measure for police officers, security guards, or even a bullied child, the iSpyHD lends a little bit of support to you during the dangers of your day. Use it as a shirt camera to catch criminals in the act. Place it around the home or office to keep a lookout in your absence. The presence of a spy camera this capable can deter nanny theft, cheating spouses, the disappearance of office supplies, and more.

    • Compact design: The iSpyHD's discreet body measures only 4.1 x 1.1 x 0.5 inches. It fits snugly into the palm of your hand, your shirt pocket, tucked between some books, nestled into a quiet corner, or just about anywhere it's needed.

    • 720p True HD Video: The iSpyHD records at a resolution of 1280x720 and a speed of 30 frames per second, the ideal settings for video recording and playback. All files are saved in .MOV format using MPEG-4/h.264 compression, preserving image quality while allowing for low bitrates. All in all, that means small file sizes that retain full HD quality. Videos taken with the iSpyHD will look great on YouTube and be easy to transfer. Photos taken with the iSpyHD are at 1225x919 resolution, which keeps plenty of detail.

    • Stereo Audio: The iSpyHD provides rare, high-quality, 48 kHz stereo audio to complement crystal-clear HD video. Despite its compact size, the built-in microphone outperforms many similar products, which usually offer only about 22 kHz and a mono microphone.

    • HDMI and USB output: Another rare feature incorporated into the iSpyHD is the HDMI connection, which is the ideal way to transfer HD video. With this, you can play back video on your TV, computer, tablet, or other devices in full quality. You also have the option of using the standard USB port, which is compatible with almost any device. (Patent No. 5,781,788)

    • Convenient Storage: Data is recorded onto either MicroSD or MicroSDHC cards up to 32 GB. These will hold hours of video, giving you plenty of time before you have to upload your data.

    • Intuitive Design and Plug and Play Technology: Easy to hold, easy to hide, and even easier to operate. Just turn the iSpyHD on and hit the record button to stop and start the video. Upload it from MicroSD cards to your computer and its ready to use. It's that simple.

    • Built-In Battery: A slim, light lithium-ion battery inside the device gives a full 1.5 hours of recording time before needing a charge, and can last for weeks in standby mode.

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      quality seems right, small gadget. Works are advertised... (Posted on 4/28/2016)

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