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The BulletCam is a tough, compact camera that stands up to the elements to record your most exciting moments. It can be mounted or strapped just about anywhere with the included kit and its size and shape give it ultimate versatility and durability. Easy one-touch operation starts and stops recording so you can catch every piece of the action at a moment’s notice.



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  •   Perfect for thrill seekers, adventurers, kids, athletes, travelers, and many others, the BulletCam records crisp, full-color video and audio through a built-in wide-angle lens. Its compact size, easy one-touch operation, and convenient mounting kit make it an ideal tool for getting great footage on the fly. Its cylindrical polycarbonate body is strong, waterproof, and stands up to extreme temperatures. It will perform as admirably on the peak of a snow-capped mountain as it will in the depths of the desert. If the same can be said for you, you may have found your gadget soul mate.

    • Water and Weatherproof: The BulletCam’s tough polycarbonate body is perfect for the great outdoors. It’s waterproof down to 10 feet below the surface and more than comfortable with extreme temperatures, handling everything from -7 to 129 degrees without a second thought.

    • Cyrstal-Clear Video and Audio: With a resolution of 640x480 at 30 frames per second, you’ll have beautifully share-able YouTube quality videos. And don’t forget the BulletCam also records audio!

    • Wide-Angle Lens: The BulletCam’s wide-angle lens is housed in aluminum to keep it protected from the elements, and from bumps and drops. It sees everything within a 60-degree field of view, assuring you’ll capture what you set out to get.

    • Goes Anywhere: The BulletCam’s slim, cylindrical design and wide field of view allows it to get footage that might have otherwise been impossible. It can easily be hidden, tucked into tight quarters, or used to show you what’s around the corner or under the surface.

    • Easy to Use: One setting for resolution and frame rate means no complicated menus. A large, friendly, easy-to-find on/off button starts and stops recording. Just set it up and start recording.

    • MicroSD, MicroSDHC and USB: The BulletCam stores your video on MicroSD or MicroSDHC cards. When filming is complete, just pop out the card and upload it onto the computer. An included USB cable charges the BulletCam from your computer, and also allows you to transfer footage without removing the memory card.

    • Mac, PC, and TV Compatible: Easily watch all of your videos on any TV, PC or Mac. The included RCA cables hook directly to your TV. BulletCam footage is compatible with Apple Quicktime and Windows Media Player.

    • Recharges Quickly: The BulletCam uses Lithium-Polymer batteries for super-quick charging. You can record up to 2 hours of continuous action on a single charge and it can last weeks in standby mode, awaiting its next mission.

    • 360° Swivel Action: The BulletCam’s 360° swivel mount can capture any angle you want. It’s sturdy enough to stay put once you’ve set it, and easy to readjust on the fly.

    • Mount it Anywhere: Attach the BulletCam to your motorcycle, bicycle, vehicle, or strap it to your body. The BulletCam comes complete with strong, adjustable mounts specifically designed to attach it to handlebars and helmets, plus a versatile Velcro attachment. Anywhere you can go, the BulletCam can come along for the ride.

    1. lightweight & clear video Review by Noelle Talun


      The camera is lightweight so it's comfortable to wear on my helmet every time I ride my bike. Don't have problems with the video quality.
      ... (Posted on 11/3/2015)

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