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Strong, smart, durable, and even waterproof – the HandiCam goes anywhere you can, capturing high quality photos and video without breaking a sweat.



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  •   Whether you get your kicks from windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, or just catching a sunset, capture your favorite moment forever with the Pocket Waterproof Camera known as the one and only HandiCam. Durable, waterproof casing and high quality construction make it the perfect companion for any adventure. An included nylon adjustable strap with a secure mount gives you hands-free operation and gives your videos a thrilling first-person perspective. Where you used to have to leave your delicate electronics behind, you can now forge ahead without worry, and return with some of the most exciting photos and videos you’ve ever taken.

    • Worry-Free Recording: The HandiCam’s smart design combines aluminum and polyurethane to create a waterproof housing that clamps securely to an included nylon strap. Record amazing footage with a first-person perspective whether you’re on the top of a wave or well below the surface, without worrying about your camera. Your smartphone camera may be great at a party – but it’s not as convenient on a cruise, at the beach, or in the midst of the action. The HandiCam goes where your other handheld gadgets can’t.

    • Easy, Hands-Free Operation: A handful of conveniently placed buttons on the HandiCam allow you to control every feature at the push of a button. Forget having to shuffle through menus or question your settings – just turn it on, select photo or video, choose your resolution, and go. Indicator lights let you know when you’re recording and if you’re running low on power.

    • Advanced Design: To complement its clean, modern appearance, the HandiCam includes several advanced features. It’s completely waterproof down to 65 feet below the surface and can easily handle normal bumps and bruises. Plus, its wide-angle lens has a broad 120-degree field of view, capturing every bit of the action.

    • High Quality Photos and Video: With a standard resolution of 1280x720, the HandiCam captures impressively high quality images. Your photos and videos will be crisp, bright, clear, and engaging – and of course, ready to share with the world.

    • High Compression Option: For longer shoots, the HandiCam offers a compression setting that brings video resolution down to 848x480. With this setting, you can store much more on the same memory card while retaining excellent quality. It’s ideal for users on long hikes, efforts that will require multiple takes, and any trips that take you away from your computer for extended periods.

    • Wearable Nylon Strap: The HandiCam comes with a sturdy but comfortable nylon adjustable strap designed to wrap securely around the user’s head, arm, or leg. A built-in attachment mounts the HandiCam to the strap, making it sure it stays put while you do your thing – whatever that happens to be.

    • USB and MicroSD Compatible: Photos and video are stored on a MicroSD or MicroSDHC card inside the HandiCam, and can be uploaded to your computer through the USB port or by removing the card, making the HandiCam readily compatible with pretty much any system. Supported memory card sizes are from 2GB – 32GB.

    • Long Lasting Lithium Ion Battery: The powerful lithium ion battery charges up quickly and keeps the HandiCam steadily recording for 2 hours straight. If you record in smaller bursts, the battery will last hours on end. It charges through any USB-compatible computer.

    1. not waterproof without the case Review by Christine Washington


      The camera itself is not waterproof, you would need to put the waterproof plastic case to make the camera waterproof. Just have to remember that everytime I use the camera.
      ... (Posted on 11/1/2015)

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