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The iConserve is a simple, powerful tool to help you monitor and conserve energy. It transmits energy readings directly from your circuit breaker to a wireless display, giving you real-time data of your home’s power consumption, and analyzing that data over the course of years. The iConserve leads to huge lifetime savings and reduces your carbon footprint immediately and significantly.



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  •  The iConserve hooks up to your home’s circuit breaker with an easy clamp-on procedure, and delivers real-time data to a wireless display you can put anywhere in the house. The iConserve records kilowatt per-hour energy usage, and collects the data over days, weeks, months, and years. It also gathers the data and provides visual charts to help you see how and where you can conserve energy and reduce CO2 consumption. Installing the iConserve is the first step towards turning your household into a more green, efficient, and cost-effective home.

    • Backlit Wireless Display: The iConserve comes with a bright, backlit display. It receives data from your circuit breaker in real time, and can be mounted anywhere in the house, making it convenient for you to check your energy levels wherever you want.

    • Continuously Updated: The iConserve is always collecting and analyzing your kilowatt per hour energy usage. When you can view real-time readings, it’s easy to determine which appliances eat up the most power. With long-term analysis, you can also eliminate the more subtle power-hungry devices.

    • Low Maintenance: After clamping the iConserve to your circuit breaker, you won’t have to worry about updating or maintaining it at all. There will be no software updates, online accounts, or passwords. The wireless display will stream your energy usage for years to come, operating on regular AA batteries that won’t need replacing for at least 6-12 months.

    • Visual Data Analysis: The iConserve automatically creates graphs that clearly show the changes in power consumption over days, weeks, months, or even years. The data is updated continuously, giving you up-to-date readings at all times.

    • Stores Two Years of Data: The iConserve has enough memory to store two full years of energy readings, helping you determine your short and long-term progress. Once you’ve been using it for two years, it will begin overwriting only the oldest data, keeping your most recent readings ready to view.

    • Easy Installation: Simply clamp the iConserve’s transmitter onto the shielded cables on your circuit breaker and it’s ready to go. There are no complicated or risky steps to the process. It’s a fast, safe, and simple procedure.

    • Set Alarms: The iConserve has an alarm setting that helps you be a little more proactive about conserving power. You can set alerts that are triggered by significant spikes in energy, helping you determine exactly when and where those surges are coming from.

    • Save the Environment: The environmental impact of our power usage is widespread and cumulative. We’re all willing to do our part to help reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, but many of the available options require a huge investment, technical expertise, or complicated installation. The iConserve is an easy, affordable, and very effective option to help you do your part to reduce your carbon footprint.

    • Huge Savings on Your Bill: The iConserve is proven to cut electric bills down by up to 15%, but its full potential is entirely in your hands. With hard data on cost-per-kilowatt-hour available at all times, you’ll have clear insight into how to save money every month. That adds up to huge savings over a lifetime, not to mention better long-term habits for conserving energy.

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      very helpful with the light bill, helped me see what was using the most energy.... (Posted on 1/23/2015)

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