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The PIcam is a compact pocket recording solution for long term full day high quality video/audio recording.



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  •  This ultra-compact pocket video and audio recorder is designed to provide long lasting full day on the job support. At just 3.5 x 1.9 x .75 inches with optional front and back clips included, the PIcam will accommodate any Officers shirt pocket uniform or Private Investigators front pocket jeans. This device has a 120-degree lens capturing at HD 720p resolution for up to 8 hours straight on battery.

    • Unique Lithium-Ion Battery: The custom compact designed 1600mAh battery allows for 8 hours of non-stop recording. It’s removable and additional batteries can be purchased. Also note the PIcam supports recording while charging, allowing for almost endless recordings.

    • 720p HD Quality: Record in either HD 1280x720 resolution or for more battery time and savings on memory space in Standard-D1 848x480 resolution. Each recording segment is 5 minutes long and allows you to loop/cycle record over the oldest segment if your memory card becomes full and you require to continue recording. Adjustable Time-Lapse recording can be enabled.

    • Boom Mic Pickup: To compliment the quality video recordings the PIcam offer some impressive microphone pickup, considering its size not many video recording devices can hold a candle stick to it audio abilities with a PCM 16Bit Audio built-in boom mini-Mic. Audio can be disabled.

    • Mini View Finder Screen: Hard to identify what you’re recording or aimed at or even if the footage you recorded throughout the day has value. Just use the viewfinder on back at just 1.44 inches, its small enough to keep the PIcam at a respectable size yet large enough to see.

    • Compact Design and Versatile: The PIcam at 3.5 x 1.9 x .75 inches expect easy fitment in your clothing or uniform shirt or pants pocket. Two strong clips are included, one with 360-degree adjustment allowing the camera to hang outside your pants pocket, the other more so to slide and clip into your shirt pocket. The both clips are removable.

    • Still Capture: Though this model is known for its video talents, for those in need of a quick capture or even automatic capture, you can set the PIcam to automatically capture photos every second, or of course take single shots at 2560x1440 resolution.

    • Watermarked: When the video just isn’t enough, we’ve tastefully watermarked your video footage with the time and date. This of course can be easily disabled if you prefer.

    • Common Sense Memory: Simple and quite common MicroSD memory cards can be used, standard class 2 or class 4 MicroSD memory sizes 2GB – 32GB are recommended. Offers an Internal Card slot and External Card slot allowing up to 64GB of storage / 37 Hours video of storage.

    • Ease of Use: Designed with the user in mind. These units are simple and quite straight forward, no camera settings required out of the box. Simply power, point, and shoot with the easy to see viewfinder. Playback videos or photos right on the camera’s mini LCD screen. Transfer videos to your computer easily with the USB card reader included.

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    1. Perfect body cam Review by Walberto


      It's the perfect body cam for me, small and has a clip that fits perfectly in my shirt pocket - making it easy for me to do rounds as security personnel.
      ... (Posted on 5/10/2019)

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