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Tracking the game in one of your favorite hunting grounds has never been easier with the AcornMobile integrated video, camera and instant messaging/email system.

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  •   Tracking the game in one of your favorite hunting grounds has never been easier with the AcornMobile integrated video, camera and instant messaging/email system. It works day and night in rain or shine and captures any movement or heat that gets within range of its sophisticated sensor arrays. Able to sense body heat and motion up to 65 feet away, keeping track of game trails has never been easier. The best part is that you don’t have to be out in the elements along with the game you are hunting. You can sit in the comfort of your home or camper and get real-time updates via SMS, MMS or email. See what the device is recording from anywhere that cellular service is available.

    • Refined Video: The AcornMobile records all video in crisp and clear full-color daytime video in VGA (640x480) or QVGA (320x240) resolution at an action capturing 20 frames per second. Use the QVGA setting to conserve memory space. All videos are recorded in .AVI format.

    • Amazing Still Photography: The AcornMobile also takes amazingly clear and crisp still photography in 3, 5 even at 12 MegaPixel Resolution. All photos are stored in .JPEG format.

    • Sends Pictures and Video Automatically: The AcornMobile automatically sends any pictures via SMS; or video it records via MMS just like a cell phone would. In fact it uses the exact same technology as a cell phone. Sending via SMS or MMS does Not require a data plan.

    • Alert Messages: The AcornMobile will automatically send you a text message when the battery gets low via SMS.

    • Email: Configure the AcornMobile to send you emails of pictures and videos instead of SMS or MMS in real time. As soon as the pictures or video are done recording, it will automatically Email you them in an attachement.

    • GSM Mobile Gobal Compatibility: Operates on any GSM band of 850/900/1800/1900MHz , making it the worlds only globally compatible Trail Game GSM Camera. We’ve also unlocked it to allow the use of low cost prepaid GSM sim cards.

    • Night Vision: 26 Infrared LED’s provide unsurpassed night vision coverage up to 65 feet away from the lens. The IR light cannot be seen by human or animal eye – you’re quarry will never know they are being recorded.

    • Motion Activated: An integrated motion sensor detects movement up to 100° from the face of the AcornMobile. Set it to take 1 to 3 photos while in motion activated mode if not using video.

    • Heat Activated: The AcornMobile has three heat sensing sensitivity modes: Low, Normal and High and can detect body heat (human or animal) up to 65 feet away and 100° to the sides of the unit. Set it to take 1 to 3 photos while in heat detection mode if not using video.

    • Advanced Settings: You can set the AcornMobile to take pictures on demand during specific times of day or night without it detecting heat or movement.

    • Interval Recording: 120 different video recording intervals can be set after being activated by movement or heat. 0 to 59 seconds – 1 to 60 minutes. You have full control over how long it records after being activated.

    • Memory: The AcornMobile accepts up to 16GB MicroSDHC memory cards for hours of recording and thousands of pictures. Several months worth in motion detection mode.

    • Test Mode: You can use the AcornMobile in Test mode to set recording and photography parameters and even take pictures or video while in test mode.

    • Enhanced Watermarking: You can set the AcornMobile to watermark all you videos and photographs with the date, time, temperature, moon phase. You can set it watermark with the unit’s serial number if you are using more than one AcornMobile at a time.

    • Integrated Display: A 2.5” 16bit LCD display and viewfinder lets you setup and playback footage right away. You can set the password protect the unit and keep your videos away from prying eyes.

    • Waterproof: Made for the outdoors, the AcornMobile is weatherproof and waterproof. A rubber gasket keeps the batteries and display face safe from even the rainiest climates.

    • Extreme Temperatures: Made to endure even the harshest environments the AcornMobile can handle temperatures from -22F to 158F and humidity levels of 5% to 95%.

    • Plug & Play: You can plug the AcornMobile directly into your TV using the supplied RCA cables for playback on your TV. You can also plug it into your Mac or PC using the supplied USB cable or insert the MicroSD card into a card reader. All videos are recorded in .AVI format and can be played back using Apple QuickTime or Windows Media Player.

    • Mounting Options: You can mount the AcornMobile on a tripod, belt, and nail or strap it to a tree with the supplied nylon strap.

    • Long Battery Life: Using 8 standard AA batteries, the AcornMobile can remain on standby up to 6 months in motion detection mode.

    1. great outdoor camera Review by Doland C


      It camouflage really great with the outdoor scenery and it doesn't need much setup for it to work. I just had an issue with setting up the remote transmission of the photos taken by the camera since i... (Posted on 12/5/2018)

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