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The NiteEye mini uses a powerful long-range motion sensor and infared light to record amazing video in dark environments. It is discreet and extremely easy to use, making it an amazing asset for private investigators, bounty hunters, and law enforcement officers.



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  •   The NiteEye mini is an extra pair of eyes that sees – and records – where you can’t. This compact camera uses a long-range motion detector that can sense your subject’s movements up to 30 feet away, and activates invisible infared lights to get perfectly clear footage in pitch black environments. Interval recording settings give you just the right amount of footage for every movement, and you can swap out video for high quality stills at your discretion. Its rechargeable battery and MicroSD memory keep it recording for more than 6 hours. Hide the NiteEye in your car, on your person, or out in the open. Its sleek, black design is easy to overlook and makes for an essential companion to any investigation.

    • Long Range Motion Sensor: The exclusive and highly sensitive True30 motion detector built into the NiteEye Mini senses motion up to 30 feet away, making it much more effective than the average 5-15 foot range of most motion sensors.

    • Infared Lights: The NiteEye Mini has 6 infared low glow lights surrounding its lens. The infared light is invisible to the human eye, but perfectly illuminates the video picked up by the NiteEye Mini, giving it bright, clear, reliable night vision without alerting the subjects.

    • MicroSD and MicroSDHC: The NiteEye Mini records onto MicroSD and MicroSDHC cards that you can easily pop into almost any computer.

    • Rechargeable Battery: The Lithium-Polymer battery in the NiteEye Mini is both efficient and compact, and able to record hours of footage before needing a boost. The NiteEye Mini can record video or stills in motion detection mode for more than 6 hours straight. The longest lasting mini cam of its size.

    • Watermarked Footage: The NiteEye Mini adds a time and date stamp to all of your stills and video, so you can leave it all night in motion detection mode and still know exactly when everything went down. This is also a great tool if you're gathering evidence or building a case.

    • Quality Video: The NiteEye Mini records 640x480 resolution .AVI video at a cinematic 24 frames-per-second, allowing it to capture every bit of light in the scene and deliver crisp, bright images.

    • Also Shoots Stills: The NiteEye Mini can also shoot JPEGs if you want to conserve storage space and battery, or if still images will serve your surveillance just as well as video.

    • Record Exactly the Right Amount: The NiteEye Mini records video in 10-second bursts any time it detects movement, or takes still shots 1 - 3 at a time. In the optional manual mode, you can also take a 10-second burst or a single still with the push of a button.

    • Easy to Use: For all the features it offers, the NiteEye Mini still provides incredibly easy, straightforward operation. Just turn it on, set it to either stills or video, and put it in place; the NiteEye Mini does the rest. Then come back later and upload the footage to see what you (would have otherwise) missed.

    • Totally Compatible: Footage and stills from your NiteEye Mini are compatible with Mac and Windows, and will easily upload into almost any other viewer you use. The .AVI and JPEG files are among the most universally compatible formats available. It also has a USB port and cable for uploading footage directly from the device.

    1. Night Eye Review by Jessie Malcom


      This Is camera was worth every penny, imgs came out very well... (Posted on 1/23/2015)

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